Our Experience Works to Your Advantage

Drawing from the existing hands-on experience of your service partner saves you, as a customer, a lot of time and trouble. We proudly present a comprehensive list of successfully completed projects, with which we were able to implement innovative solutions for typical problems in the automation industry for our customers.

Here are a few examples of application scenarios for which we have developed solutions:

Operation and Monitoring

  • Platforms for operation and monitoring of plants, machinery, device groups, ships, vehicles
  • Target systems: PC, control panels, web browser, mobile devices
  • Tools for the configuration of HMIs

Device Integration and Bus-Configuration

  • Configuration and parameterization of field devices and communication assemblies
  • FDT/DTM, FDI, EDD, TCI and more
  • Toolkits, generators, interpreters
  • Integration in engineering- and control systems
  • Test and certification

Web-based Solutions

  • Client-Server-Architectures
  • Non-platform-based web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JScript, Ajax, JQuery and others
  • Product selection, engineering, measurement data recording, operation & monitoring, online configuration


  • Configuration, programming, parameterization, and commissioning of automation solutions.
  • Integrated and expandable tool-suites and -platforms

Frameworks and Software Product Lines

  • Software architectures for product strategies
  • Design and development of frameworks and platforms for software product lines
  • Foundation for large-scale software development projects

Asset Management and Condition Monitoring

  • Administration of the installed pool of field devices for operation and maintenance
  • Monitoring the installed base of actuators and sensors for wear and tear
  • Data harvesting

Recording, Archiving and Evaluating Measurement Data

  • Periodic recording of process and measurement data from automation solutions
  • Archiving information in databases
  • Evaluation using powerful reporting and display tools

Communication Server

  • Access to the process data of control systems, devices, and machines
  • Vertical and horizontal integration
  • Standardized service interfaces, such as OPC or Web Services

Product Lifecycle Management for Device Development

  • Tools for the definition of the functional design of field devices
  • Generators for DTMs, EDDs, parts of the device firmware, product descriptions etc.
  • Single-Source approaches

Can you identify your specific scenario on this list?

If you do, then you should contact us. It will be our pleasure to personally show you selected reference projects.

Is your problem different altogether?

Contact us anyway. With our vast and versatile knowledge, it is easy for us to quickly and efficiently develop new applications and technologies that are perfect for you. You gain from our vast technology know-how, our tried and tested development processes and our domain knowledge about the automation industry in general.