QA Services

To Plan and Secure Software Quality

Our quality assurance division ensures that a software product, which was developed for or by you, meets the documented requirements. We also offer this quality control expertise as a separate service which you make use of during your own software development projects.

Our quality assurance division assists you in:

  • Defining a suitable test strategy for your software product with your project manager(s)
  • Test planning and specifying test scenarios for a given software development project
  • Manually executing specified tests
  • Automating tests with unit tests, Coded UI tests and other tools for test automation

We also assist you during a development project by designing and implementing customized test platforms, using standard products as the basis. By doing so, you automate your manual system tests, so you can run these tests at any time and without significant cost increases. This is an important prerequisite for consistent software quality, which is absolutely essential, for the development of platforms and frameworks.