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Industrial cloud service platform Modern machinery and plants are producing more and more data. An important aspect is to not only collect these data, but also use this information profitably for both the manufacturer and the customers, for example for predictive maintenance or operator models.
Device Integration Store – Platform for Device Vendors, System Suppliers and Plant Operators

The Device Integration Store is a cloud service by M&M Software enabling plant operators and device vendors to administrate and share their device information and artefacts needed for integration into automation systems.

Seamless Data Exchange Across All Network Layers and Protocols

FDT® offers proven architecture for data exchange between software and automation components, regardless of the network layers or protocols used in communication. Point-to-point connections and manufacturer-specific protocols are also supported.

FDT for Factory Automation What's behind the letters FDT, and what requirements in Factory Automation does FDT address? Let’s begin with an introduction of the basic concepts.
Cloud Computing – more than a hype?

Most IT experts predict a promising future for cloud computing – also in the automation industry. However, which are the applications where the involvement of this technology really makes sense and how can it possibly be implemented?

Cloud Computing in automation technology

Cloud platforms are not only characterized by enormous computing power and storage capacity, they are at the same time cost efficient, reliable and available for use anywhere and anytime.

Whitepaper - Reference Architectures for Portal-based Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are HTML5-based applications with a desktop-like look&feel which run inside a web browser. The Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote accessible via (as Office 365) are well-known examples.

Whitepaper - M&M Application Platform for WPF Modular Windows desktop applications need a well-defined architecture. Modularity has to be supported throughout the whole application and its architecture. This implies a modular UI and the separation of the application into several modules providing different functionality. These modules contain logic as well as UIs shown inside the application’s main UI. Engineering systems like the fdtCONTAINER application from M&M Software GmbH are typical examples.
Scrum (Part 3) Ken Schaber and Jeff Sutherland developed Scrum during the early 1990s. First publications where made in 1995. The first book titled ‘Agile Software Development using Scrum’ hit the bookshelves in 2001. At about the same time the first Internet-boom appeared, which brought many new business models with it that required fast-paced software development methods.
Scrum (Part 2) There are many books, articles, workshops and trainings that deal with Scrum. Almost every author or lecturer praises the advantages of their own definition of the theory as ‘the ultimate one.’ However, in most cases Scrum Teams establish their own set of rules for their particular situation and deviate from the criteria that theorists have defined. This article describes our experience on this matter.
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