Project Report: Process Mimic Editor

Project description

Kongsberg Maritime is a globally acting provider for ship- and offshore electronics. For the visualization of automation components and monitoring systems on ships the Mimic Editor that we developed enables the simple and fast creation of so-called process images (graphical representation of processes). With the Mimic Editor, the user creates process images based on symbols and graphical primitives (lines, rectangles, arcs, etc.). In this connection, it may concern static as well as dynamic components whose behavior can directly be bound to runtime environment. The created process images are stored in XAML-format. By means of the Mimic Editor, the runtime system reads the XAML data output in order to illustrate the mimic in HMI and to link the symbols with the correspondingly assigned tags.


Maritime industry


Kongsberg Maritime AS

Applied technologies

.NET Framework 4 incl. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), XAML, Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), development process: Scrum

Team size

3 team members

Duration of the Project

3 years

Process Mimic Editor

Process Mimic Editor