Project Report: Device Parameterization

Project description

The purpose of the ioddINTERPRETER is parameterization, configuration and diagnosis of field devices (sensors/actors) in the factory automation whereby it converts a textual device description in an executable object model. In order to define a common standard, we realized the development in a group of companies. The core element is a .NET-implemented interpreter for IO-Link device descriptions (Device Description, DD). This interpreter is the basis for a generic IO-Link DTM for the parameterization of IO-Link devices. Alternatively, the interpreter may be integrated into control systems so that the technology can be embedded without an external user interface. By this generic interpreter approach IO-Link devices of any kind, even without user interface, may be integrated into systems. The challenge was to combine C++ and .NET in one product and to coordinate the requirements of different members within the group of companies. In this long-term cooperation, the ioddINTERPRETER will be continuously maintained and adapted to current requirements.


Process automation, factory automation


Group of companies: Bernecker + Rainer, Hilscher, ifm, Leuze, Pepperl+Fuchs, PHOENIX, Sick, Turck, WAGO and M&M Software

Applied technologies

FDT/DTM, C++, .NET, Development process: Iterative process

Team size

2 team members

Duration of the project

6 years

Device Parameterization

Device Parameterization