FDT/DTM Products - One-stop supply from the market leader!

Regardless whether you plan to develop a DTM or integrate FDT in your system, whether you search for an individual frame application or intend to have your DTMs certified – we have the right productsfor all your needs! All our products have one thing in common: they are designed to provide the best possible support, to increase productivity and to deliver desired results within the fastest possible time!

You …

  • …urgently need one DTM for your device at a reasonable price? Then take a look at our basicDTM!

  • … want to develop your own device, communication or gateway DTM and you look for a toolkit that helps you in the best possible way and eases your workload? In this case, the dtmMANAGER is the right product for you!

  • … intend to integrate FDT in your existing system or to develop an individual frame application? Our fdtCONTAINER component meets all your requirements!

  • … look for an individual Frame application that carries your branding and which you can distribute among your customers? You will definitely like our OEM fdtCONTAINER application!

  • … want to have your DTMs certified, to assure your customers that they are using a tested component? The dtmINSPECTOR assists you in the best possible way!

Naturally, we also offer the matching service contracts for each product, as well as the respective training. You will learn to use the respective product in no time and you do not have to to go through a tedious familiarization process!

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