M&M‘s High Quality Services at Very Competitive Prices

Our high quality services are worth their money. But we fully understand that we need to offer these services under favorable conditions, so that you can reach your ambitious goals with a reasonable budget.

More than 10 years of experience with globally distributed development projects

The lack of high-skilled engineers in Germany is a well-known problem. In order to overcome this shortage, we have built-up experience for over ten years in developing software with globally distributed teams. In 2005, we established our subsidiary in Suzhou near Shanghai, where we successfully develop software for some of our biggest customers. As our customer, you will benefit from this experience and the corresponding technical infrastructure, if we realize projects together using our offshore development service.

Offshore-Development with M&M is different

To us, offshore development means distributed development of your software by mixed project teams, which comprise both German and Chinese software developers.

This offer holds the following benefits for you:

  • Substantially reduced average hourly rates, due to a mix of German and Chinese team members
  • Faster realization through the deployment of additional, highly qualified software engineers in China
  • Convenient communication. You interface exclusively with our staff in Germany. They will coordinate the upcoming development tasks with their colleagues in China
  • We avoid the overhead with a pure interpreter-frontend without real technical know-how. Your contact persons in Germany are technical project managers and architects, who actively participate in the development of your project and who are responsible for the quality of the end product
  • No disadvantages in productivity. Our Chinese colleagues are highly qualified. Their technical standard is as good as ours here in Germany and they speak perfect English.
  • A low fluctuation rate means stable teams. The special M&M team spirit also reigns supreme among our colleagues in China
  • Ideal starting conditions for cost-efficient maintenance of the finished software. There is no need for a costly transfer to a new team

Do you plan a project which will need at least three software developers over a period of at least six months? If so, then it is time to talk about offshore development.