New employees joining the Consulting department

Topics such as cloud computing, industry 4.0 and mobile devices are on everyone’s lips and at the same time trendy for many of our customers. In May and in July this year, the M&M Consulting department has seen a capacity increase when Jasmin Grigutsch and Dirk Stadtherr were added to the team. Both Jasmin and Dirk have extensive experience and will contribute their competences to the existing team.

Jasmin Grigutsch, a graduate economist focusing on project management and organizational psychology, has been working in the IT market ever since completing her studies. While working in the knowledge transfer of Bremen University for several years, Jasmin was deeply involved in the integration of “mobile“ and “wearable“ computing solutions for the maintenance of industrial plants. Lately Jasmin has been working as product manager for a software service provider where she managed the development of Android, iOS and Windows-based apps as well as cloud and web applications. Her work focused on measurement technologies for telecommunication networks as well as on security for mobile applications. Jasmin has working knowledge of data analysis (based on SQL or Tableau), plus extensive knowledge of UI design as well as in the design, implementation and analysis of customer satisfaction surveys.

Dirk Stadtherr is a graduate in Business Administration (BA), specialized in information systems. Before joining M&M Software, he has been working as project manager in software and ERP consulting for many years. Lately Dirk has been working as product manager for an ERP software provider for several years, focussing on time data, plant data, and production data collection as well as the integration of the software solution in different ERP systems. Amongst others, the SAP ERP solution, as well as the fully cloud-based SAP BusinessByDesign was supported as integration platform. This work helped Dirk to gather good knowledge of the individual SAP ERP modules as well as of the interfaces from and to the modules. In addition to the business aspects of ERP, product management skills such as business model approaches based on Business Model Canvas or agile product development using scrum have now been added to the competence pool of M&M Software.

With the addition of Jasmin Grigutsch and Dirk Stadtherr, the M&M Software consulting team now is an ideal mixture of information scientists, business economists, and UI designers, leveraging extensive industry, software development, product management and project management knowhow to be used for the creation of innovative solutions for our customers.

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