Farewell to company founder and managing director Erwin Müller

After 30 successful years, we send our founder and managing director Erwin Müller into the well-earned retirement. After founding M&M Software 30 years ago, Erwin Müller has developed it into a major technology and consulting company with 100 employees in Germany at St. Georgen and Hannover, as well as 80 employees in Suzhou, China. Since the end of 2015, M&M Software is a part of the WAGO Group. In addition to representatives from the public sector, the WAGO management took part in the official farewell ceremony. WAGO's CEO, Sven Hohorst, confirms to Mr. Müller that not many people are able to set up a company so well. The business areas of Mr. Müller are taken over by the remaining managing directors Klaus Hübschle and Andreas Börngen.



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