M&M WHAT'S UP_0115

Topics: Cloud Computing - 1001 possibilities in the cloud, The new M&M Blog, Targets achieved - very positive year 2014 and ambitious targets for 2015

Issue 1.15 published in March 2015

M&M WHAT'S UP_0314

Themen: Cloud Computing @ M&M, A systematic strategic approach, Review on this year’s world-wide „FDT Developer forums“ , From websites to rich internet applications

Issue 3.14 published in October 2014

M&M WHAT'S UP_0214

Topics: Usability evaluation together with the HFU, Reliable assessment of performance, Migration from Visual Basic® 6 to .NET, Invitation to the FDT Developer Forum USA

Issue 2.14 published in July 2014

M&M WHAT'S UP_0114

Topics: Consulting service portfolio completed, Quality assurance in agile projects, FDT and Interoperability, Dynamic Code Analysis, M&M: Family-friendly company

Issue 1.14 published in March 2014

M&M WHAT'S UP_0413

Topics: R&D-Partnersip with Schneider Electric, Agents 4.0: Agile, Adaptive and Autonomous Production, The Performance of FDT 2, Static Code Analysis, Knowledge Management

Issue 4.13 published in November 2013

M&M WHAT'S UP_0313

Topics: How can we make sure that we have enough new qualified EMPLOYEES in the future? - M&M in Hanover is moving - User-Centric Design (UCD) by M&M - Software development with a safety net - fdtCONTAINER application V4: field-proven
core with an innovative touch - Measure any arbitrary metrics with conQAT - SPS IPC Drives 2013.

Issue 3.13, published in September 2013

M&M WHAT'S UP_0213

Topics: What is INSA – VDMA working group for “Mobile, Tablets, Apps & Co” - Software development with a safety net - Generate or interpret - DTM certification is essential – Forum Industrial Automation 2013.

Issue 2.13, published in June 2013

M&M WHAT'S UP_0113

Topics: 25 years M&M Software - Trend Management - Distributed Development - FDT®/FDI Harmonization - dtmINSPECTOR for FDT2™ - Hanover Fair 2013 Invitation.

Issue 1.13, published in March 2013

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