M&M IoT Solution

M&M IoT - From sensors to the cloud

The "Internet of Things" and "Industry 4.0" are more than distant future technologies. They are already being used effectively today. The M&M IoT solution allows you to bring your products and devices into the cloud and make your business ready for the future.

We offer you a solution tailored specifically to your needs:

  • Fast integration of multiple devices
  • Individual, application specific solution
  • Easy visualization of important contexts
  • Interface for connecting different Business Intelligence tools
  • Optimal scaling
  • High safety standards and reliability


Let us show you how you can profit from the Industrial Internet of Things.

Solution for controllers

We create complete engineering systems for you, e.g. on the basis of common platforms such as CODESYS. We also know Linux and IEC61131 programming.

Data visualization

Structure your data using clear visualizations. Of course, we also offer interfaces to your own Business Intelligence Tool.

Custom development

If solutions from Microsoft are not sufficient, we develop customized components on top of Azure.

Connectivity and Data collection

We connect your devices directly or via gateways to the cloud. We use standard IoT communication standards. This gives you full access to your data in the cloud.

Data analytics

We help you with everything concerning data analytics - be it in the field of predictive maintenance or machine learning.

Monitoring and support

If desired, we will manage and monitor your IoT solution and respond to problems as soon as they occur.


Even after development, we can take over maintenance of your solution.

Advantages of IoT

Industrial IoT (IIoT) gives you the opportunity to generate new business models. This is especially interesting for:

  • Device vendors: Future-proof your devices by connecting them to the cloud and provide your customers with more data and analytics
  • Facility owners and operators: Use your production data to its full potential and discover new ways to increase the efficiency of your business processes
  • Machine manufacturers: Maximize the satisfaction of your customers. Use collected data to predict the maintenance needs of your machines and avoid failures

We can help you with the following topics:

Predictive Maintenance

Use IoT to predict failures and the maintenance requirements of your machines.

Energy Monitoring

By using your data in the cloud, you can optimize production related energy costs.

Asset Management

Enhance your plant management with additional information from the cloud.

Condition Monitoring

Increase the security and efficiency of your machines with cloud data.

IoT Examples

Our examples demonstrate how the M&M IoT solution can be used and the added value it offers:

WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG | Power Measurement

In this case, energy related data is collected and periodically evaluated. WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG is thus able to optimize energy costs.

RENA GmbH | Machine Monitoring

Mobile machine monitoring on smartphones, tablets and PCs, which, with the help of the SEMI E10 standard, moves all the important information of a machine into focus.

Schneider Electric GmbH | Smart Production Line

Here, the M&M IoT solution collects all data from a production line and its devices in real time. It is thus possible to make a statement about the status of the production.

Schneider Electric GmbH | Music Fountain

M&M IoT solution collects and analyzes data in real-time. In addition, the status of the devices is recorded.

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