Maintenance & Support

Sustained Success for Your Software Solution

System runtimes of 10 years and longer are the norm, especially in the process- but also in the factory automation, whereby these systems are required to run at maximum capacity around the clock. The maintenance of software products is therefore particularly diverse and challenging in these industries.

It is our declared goal to support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your software products. Therefore, we not only develop new software solutions for you, but also offer you the long-term maintenance of your software products. This offer does not only apply for software solutions that we have developed, but also for systems that existed before we came in. Thanks to our longtime domain know-how and with the support of special tools and technologies, we are also able to deal with complex maintenance jobs.

You can turn your attention to innovations

The maintenance of old software products is linked to your other important resources in planning and development, thereby blocking necessary new developments. We handle tedious, but necessary maintenance jobs for you, so that you can turn your attention to the latest innovations.

You benefit from long-term guaranteed quality at manageable costs

The issue of maintenance is very price-sensitive, especially because the expense for the future maintenance is often underestimated at the beginning of a software development project. We use offshore resources for our maintenance cost quotation and our price is very reasonable as compared to the maintenance in house. And we guarantee a binding and consistent quality on the basis of individual maintenance level agreements.

Your customers remain satisfied customers

It is our common objective that your customers are satisfied with your software solution and that they remain satisfied for a long time.

  • We record and correct identified faults.
  • We implement improvements.
  • We sustain the performance.
  • We implement interfaces to new systems  if this becomes necessary due to changed business processes
  • If necessary, we also improve the design of the software solution, in order to keep the system serviceable.
  • Your customers normally communicate directly with you. At your request, however, we would also extend the support to the end-consumer.