A Major Factor of Success

M&M is a knowledge-based company. Knowledge is our most important asset and a major factor for our success. Therefore it is  important that we develop and optimize our intangible assets. This includes factors like the professional and social competency of our staff, motivation, operational infrastructure, customer relations and innovation dynamics.

To Evaluate and Develop Knowledge

Since 2005, we apply the Intellectual Capital method for the identification and consequent development of intellectual capital. In 2007, we have published our first Intellectual Capital Report in accordance to the procedure-model of the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi). Since then, we publish bi-annual Intellectual Capital Reports. The Intellectual Capital Report is a report about the evaluated intellectual capital of an organization, as well as on-going, completed and planned initiatives to introduce relevant changes. It measures elements of the intellectual capital, thereby allowing efficient management of these intangible assets.

Excellent Knowledge Organization

In early 2009, the company M&M took up the challenge of an assessment on behalf of the BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology). The company was audited for handling of its intellectual capital in corporate management, business processes and projects. It was later confirmed that our company practices conscious and integrated knowledge management on all levels. In October 2009, the BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology) awarded M&M as “Excellent Knowledge Organization”.  

Integrated Strategy Development

In 2010, M&M has introduced a holistic control system for the strategic corporate development.  This system fully integrates the Intellectual Capital Report and allows for a target-/actual-deviation analysis on the basis of the strategic objectives. The implementation was assisted by the Fraunhofer IPK, Berlin.