dtmMANAGER development suite

A complete DTM development suite for FDT 1.2.x and FDT®2

You do not have to reinvent the wheel when developing a DTM! By using the dtmMANAGER development suite, you can fully focus on the essence – your device – instead of the FDT specification. While saving time and effort, this will enable you to develop high quality DTMs – DTMs that will satisfy you customers!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Efficient: Creating a device model for your DTM is all you need to do – the dtmMANAGER development suite takes care of the rest! It encapsulates the FDT 1.2.x specification and implements all mandatory interfaces. For FDT2, our development suite includes the official DTM Common Component and provides an easy-to-use project wizard in Microsoft® Visual Studio® to set up your next project. You do not have to concern yourself with the complexity of FDT anymore and you do not have to go through the long and costly process of learning and understanding the specification.
  • Flexible: dtmMANAGER development suite takes care of all FDT 1.2.x and FDT2 related technical aspects of your DTM, while providing enough room for your device specific development tasks. dtmMANAGER development suite give you access to branding elements (e.g. for designing DTM user interfaces). Similarly, dtmMANAGER development suite does not limit you to the development of one specific DTM type; it enables you to create device, communication and gateway DTMs for any communication protocol.
  • Stable: By encapsulating the FDT 1.2.x specification and bundling the official DTM Common Component for FDT2, dtmMANAGER development suite helps to prevent mistakes during development. This makes sure that your DTM is of premium quality and can be certified without problems. Take advantage dtmMANAGER’s quality and ensure your customers that your product is secure and stable.
  • Fast and lightweight: The underlying architecture of dtmMANAGER makes sure that your DTM will load fast and that it uses system resource such as memory as efficiently as possible. These are qualities that your customers will appreciate.

Besides a detailed developer manual, we also offer our assistance for setting up and starting a DTM development project. During a workshop we will teach you how to use the dtmMANAGER development suite and, with the guidance of our FDT experts, help you develop a first version of your own DTM – meaning, you get usable results within a short period of time!

For more information about the dtmMANAGER development suite, please read our InfoSheet or contact us directly.

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