The seal of approval for your DTM

The official certificate issued by the FDT Group gives your DTM the seal of approval. It confirms a DTM’s conformity to the FDT specification and therefore plays an important role in assuring your DTM’s quality. dtmINSPECTOR makes manual testing redundant – by and large, the tool runs all tests for certification fully automated. dtmINSPECTOR is the one and only DTM test and certification tool officially approved by the FDT Group and is exclusively developed, maintained and sold by M&M Software.

Your benefits at a glance: 

  • Reliability: Once your DTM has successfully passed the dtmINSPECTOR test procedure, the issuance of the official certificate becomes a formality.  It is therefore advisable that you use dtmINSPECTOR as a supporting test tool during development, as this will ensure FDT conformity right from the start.
  • Quality control: A successfully completed dtmINSPECTOR test is the fundamental prerequisite for a certificate from the FDT Group. The certificate gives your customers the assurance that they are installing and using a tested DTM.
  • Flexibility: dtmINSPECTOR supports all DTM types and communication protocols. The tool’s functionality is also not limited to FDT conformance testing only: A powerful scripting engine enables you to write your own test cases, which may also cover functional tests for your device. In doing so, you can create a powerful test environment, which gives you optimal support throughout your DTM development process.

Of course, M&M as an accredited test and certification laboratory not only sells dtmINSPECTOR, but also offers to run DTM certification tests for you. You are most welcome to tap into the know-how of the developers of dtmINSPECTOR!

For more information about dtmINSPECTOR, please download our InfoSheet or contact us directly.

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