Device Integration

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FDT Technology

FDT (Field Device Tool) is currently the only technology in the world that supports the integration of field devices and communication components in software solutions for all segments of the automation industry and for all important fieldbus systems. From start to end, FDT plays a role in the configuration and parameterization, through the operation and until the maintenance. Visit this site for more information about our FDT services.

Electronic Device Description Language

EDDL (Electronic Device Description Language) is an IEC standardized, formal language that is used to describe diagnostic functionalities and the parameterization of field devices in factory and process automation. In order to integrate into automation systems, device parameters can be modified according to the specific application at hand via digital communication interfaces (HART, PROFIBUS, Fieldbus Foundation). Visit this site for more information about our EDDL services.


FDI (Field Device Integration) is another modern device integration standard for system suppliers and equipment manufacturers. FDI is a standardized, highly performant and efficient solution for the configuration, parameterization and diagnosis of intelligent field devices. Visit this site for more information about our FDI services.