Cloud Computing

With the cloud, the future of industrial automation is already within our grasp. Whether you have existing software solutions or you are looking for something new, we can help you to migrate them simply and securely to the cloud – saving you time, money and effort. Take advantage of our leadership and experience in this field and reap the technical benefits that the cloud has to offer in the automation environment.


This seminar covers the basic concepts behind cloud computing. In addition to the latest technical innovations, we also look at some of the key economic, organizational and legal issues involved. We show you the areas in which cloud computing really makes sense, what potential applications might look like and which factors you should take into consideration when choosing a cloud provider.


The Cloud Innovation Workshop is about vision and ideas and provides you with an opportunity to identify the fundamental principles  that will underlie any future development of your own potential cloud solutions. The end result: a powerful product vision that will form the basis for the next steps in the development process.


Do you already have an idea, a vision or a business case for future cloud computing use? In the Cloud Solution Workshop we will work with you to develop a practical solution concept, document the results in a software architecture model and advise you which aspects and design patterns would need to be taken into consideration in creating the necessary cloud architecture.


In this practical training, we will show you everything your development team needs to know in order to implement applications based on the Microsoft Azure platform. This training will not only give you an insight into the individual services but also an in-depth look at the development process and the management of concrete solutions using code samples and practical exercises.

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