Cost-efficient – easy, fast and customizable

Do you need a DTM for your smart field device? Do you have high demands for quality at reasonable prices and a fast time-to-market? Look no further! M&M basicDTM fulfills all your requirements!

Based on an Electronic Device Description file (EDD), we can generate a DTM for you in no-time. It does not matter whether your device communicates via HART, Profibus or Foundation Fieldbus – basicDTM covers all three protocols.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Cost-efficient: A DTM is generated at a fixed price, regardless of the device type and its communication protocol (HART, Profibus or FF). The license fees are payable only once, lifecycle costs like runtime licenses etc. will not be charged!
  • Easy: Based on simple checklists you provide us with the necessary information such as the DD, logos and license texts and we do the rest for you. Your efforts will be reduced to a minimum. We shall also certify the DTM after generation on request. This will ensure a high level of reliability and customer satisfaction!
  • Fast: The timeline from your inquiry until the completed DTM is very short. Thanks to an automated generation process, you get verifiable results quickly – together we make sure that you get a quality product that you and your customers expect!
  • Customized: Although the DTM is generated automatically, there is enough room for customization. These special features can be directly programmed into the basicDTM. Or do you prefer to customize the DTM yourself? No problem, the choice is yours: Binary or source code development license!

Take advantage of our basicDTM offering, even if you do not have an EDD for your device, yet: We can offer you a complete package that comprises the creation of an EDD, followed by the DTM generation. All from one source!

For more information about basicDTM, please download our InfoSheet or contact us directly.

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