10 Good Reasons for a Development Partnership with M&M

Why you should develop your software with us

We offer you a reliable combination of industry experience, the latest domain knowledge and reliable project handling. And on top of this we offer creative people, who create tailor-made solutions according to your specific requests and requirements or who simply assist you in an advisory capacity. Here are the 10 most important reasons why you should opt for  M&M Software whenever you outsource a software development project.

1. Reliability in delivery, functionality, quality and price

When you start a Software development project, you want to be sure that the promised functionality and quality is delivered at the agreed dates and within the planned budget. To meet your expectations, we focus on three major success factors:

  • Our tried and proven M&M development process
  • Our user interface design
  • The professional and methodical project management by our qualified and experienced project leaders
  • Our highly motivated software engineering staff

2. Fast results with an iterative process model

We help you to turn your ideas into reality as fast as possible.

Our development process is based on an iterative process model, which focuses on the quick availability of a usable solution.

  • The shorter time-to-market gives you the competitive edge.
  • The feedback from prototypes and beta-releases enables us to identify necessary corrections in the early stages of the project and this saves time and money.

3. Efficiency based on industry experience.

Naturally, you know your specific applications within the automation technology best. But 25 years of experience in the development of Software solutions for the industrial automation show a deep-rooted domain know-how and industry experience , which you can safely depend on.

  • You will find it easier to talk to us, because we know your working environment.
  • You benefit from our application experience that we have acquired in similar projects.

4. Easy cooperation with flexible processes

It is important to us that you find the cooperation with M&M easy and pleasant.

  • We adapt to your processes and needs with the tailoring of individual process modules to customer- and project-specific requirements.
  • In this way, we integrate our project teams seamlessly into your processes without losing sight of our own quality principles.

5. Innovative solutions with new technologies

The technological change in IT and Software is often faster than the automation technology can handle. You can rest assured that our experts not only assist you with their know-how in state-of-the-art technology, but that they also provide competent advice for the selection and evaluation of suitable technologies.

  • We always stay abreast with the latest IT and Software trends and we assess, which technologies offer a new boost for the automation.
  • We evaluate whether these technologies are suitable and mature to take on the special conditions in the industrial automation

6. Friendly, motivated staff members in a productive environment

As customer, you can expect to receive the best-possible personal service.

  • Our staff members are highly motivated and handle their tasks with passion.
  • In the development phase, we deploy computer scientists and engineers who know how to develop professional software.
  • We principally use only permanently employed staff in our customer projects.

7. Sufficient resources for every project magnitude

You look for a service provider that can help you to overcome your resource bottlenecks.

  • Our two development locations in Sankt Georgen and Suzhou are capable to process and implement large-scale projects.
  • But we also process smaller development projects with 1 or 2 developers with the same care and precision as large projects.

8. Sustainable architectures for a long software life

As compared to solutions in the management- and office sector, software products in the automation need to last and be efficient for a much longer time.  

  • The software solution must remain controllable throughout its entire life cycle, which includes upgrades and maintenance.
  • Therefore, the Software solution should not only support the requirements of today, but must also be upgradable and adjustable to future requirements at reasonable costs.

9. Consistent quality assured with modern test methods

In case of new releases of Software products, it is important that all potentially affected system components can be re-tested after the upgrade. From a certain project magnitude onwards, manual tests are far too costly and time-intensive.

  • Our software architectures therefore support the use of Unit-Tests, Coded-UI-Tests and other automatic test methods. This ensures that the original level of quality is never compromised.
  • Experts from our test group define a suitable test strategy together with the respective project leader, they supervise the systematic realization and assist the project team in the implementation and execution of tests.

10. Customer focus is our top priority

Our day-to-day business revolves entirely around you as our customer. Our products and services should meet your high demands for quality and value. This means in concrete terms:

  • Our quality policy is aimed at customer satisfaction.
  • Our solutions and our methodology should generate the maximum value for you and your customers.
  • Despite the economic success that we aspire, we never lose sight of the benefits you require..
  • You as customer should not invest too much time in our business relationship; we adapt to your schedule and not the other way round.